Soul mates exists??

Posted on: Δεκέμβριος 4, 2012

ImageEverybody wants to find that special someone, the perfect person..their soul mate…But what if that person does not exist??


Yea, the truth is there is nobody which is PERFECT and exact for you….Nobody is perfect..We weren’t born just to find love. Everybody has a purpose to life , a purpose to live.. And this thing is not love. Unfortunately , we have to deal with it. To convince ourselves there is no way we found them..There are not a person for anybody

Although , the best thing to do is to be with people we love and makes us happy:) To take every chance as an opportunity to change our world. Every choice we make is the right one, cause WE make that choice! Yea , it’s the right one , cause this our choice!! As unique as we are..As wonderful as we want.

Love somebody from the way they are..Do not try to change them. You’ll fail..



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